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How to Get Included in Eye On Italy

  • You have a blog or site written in English
  • The subject is exclusively or majorly focused on Italy (see instructions for submitting a section of your site below)
  • At least six months old (some exclusions will apply) with new material being posted at regular intervals
  • Preferrably with photo-rich content
  • Sites that are product-based or completely self-promotional will not be admitted
  • Sites that aggregate other sites are not permitted
  • Sites that talk about Italian food and recipes are welcome
  • Sites that focus on travel services and products that have no editorial content will not be included

How to Submit only a Section of your site

If you're using categories or tags to mark your content, you can submit just the Italy/Italian tag/category to Eye on Italy to be included. The URL might look something like this: etc.

How to Check if you've already been included in Eye On Italy

Quickly search for one of your articles to see if you've been included.