Episode 59: Understanding the Italian Mafia with John Dickie

In this episode, hosts Sara and Jessica talk with historian and author John Dickie about organized crime in Italy.

Special Guest
johndickieJohn Dickie is a professor of Italian Studies at University College London, and an internationally recognized specialist on many aspects of Italian culture – including organized crime. He is an award-winning author whose books include “Cosa Nostra,” “Mafia Brotherhoods,” & his latest, “Mafia Republic.” (The latter two were released in the United States as one combined book called “Blood Brotherhoods.”)

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Episode 58: Dream of Venice with Charles Christopher

In this episode, hosts Sara and Jessica talk with photographer Charles Christopher about his new book, “Dream of Venice.”

Special Guest
charleschristopherCharles Christopher works in Hollywood as a motion picture and TV still photographer for clients that include Universal Pictures, NBC, Lifetime, Hallmark and Syfy. His travel and cityscape photographs have been featured in exhibits up and down the West Coast. Charles’ first book of photography, DREAM OF VENICE, is a visual tribute to the strange floating city, accompanied by original texts from a diverse group of Venetophiles, including Julie Christie, Woody Allen, and Frances Mayes.

Episode 57: “Extra Virginity: the Sublime & Scandalous World of Olive Oil” with Tom Mueller

Hosts Sara and Jessica talk about flooding in Italy, Berlusconi’s resignation and what’s next for the Italian government. Then we speak with special guest Tom Mueller about his upcoming book on the “sublime and scandalous world of olive oil.”

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Special Guest
Tom Mueller writes for The New Yorker and other publications. He lives in a medieval stone farmhouse surrounded by olive groves in the Ligurian countryside outside of Genoa, Italy. He’s the author of an upcoming book about extra virgin olive oil called Extra Virginity: The Sublime & Scandalous World of Olive Oil.

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  • A walk through Milan’s Central Station [by Jessica]